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Ueli Dubs is from Elgg (ZH) and Zurich, in Wollerau.
He was born in Elgg on June 4th 1953, married with Lika, three children.

Elementary and secondary schooling in Elgg (ZH) followed by the economic baccalaureate in Winterthur.
Military service as a machine gun operator within the motorized infantry in Bière. 1974-78 University of St. Gallen HSG with a degree in economics. Then the Military Officer Training program in Zurich.
1979 summer term at University of San Francisco with an extended return trip via Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.  A second trip around the world in 1981. From 1979 - 82 University of Bern, where he obtained a law degree, lic. iur., upon his second attempt at the exams - the best results of all candidates’ written exams notwithstanding. Thank you Professor XY: Failures are important! Rose to the rank of captain of the infantry as commander of a company of fusiliers at the Bridges of Hemmishofen & Stein am Rhein - with good comrades!
1984-2003 worked for a small private bank in Zurich, New York, Asia-Pacific, North and Latin America and Europe.
Varied international advanced training courses and studies.
After a time as an independent asset manager … on his way with humanitarian projects and scientific research.
Deeper interests in economy, financial markets, foreign languages, chronometry, object art and design, music and lyrics, world history, church and art history, psychology, geology, motorcycle travel, neurophysiology and nutritional physiology as well as long distance running.


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