A  L  P   M  A  G  I  C




Of two who set out anticipating, searching for Alp Magic in dreams, in fog banks, in cow manure and in memories….

and of magicians in image and word,

suspended and grounded,

waking, dreaming through time, journeying in space and in the world. With their eyes, minds and souls wide open, Ueli Dubs and Al Imfeld marvel at the marvelousness, attempt to perceive the imperceptible and clarify what seems already clear, expose the evidence within the self-evident and budge what is normal into a higher dimension. It is the images and words that capture us…

To accompany both as longtime journey companions is a rich and challenging experience. And so, within Alp Magic, there are both trails and tribulations. The trails originate from old, practical knowledge and rituals, from sacral experience and from our ways of dealing with the finite good “time.” They are trails calling out for reflection, for translation and preservation. Trails and tribulations go hand in hand and belong inextricably together like the sun and the moon.

A new order within the old and known, the art of being one with one’s own shadow, to look deep into the eye of the grim reaper and find new access to “ars moriendi,” to hold lightly the heaviness of life, whilst recognizing that not all which does not glitter is not gold. That is Alp Magic!

With Alp Magic, Ueli Dubs and Al Imfeld unveil and reveal their profound worlds - worlds with their own compositions and contemplations, professions, confessions and misjudgments. They take us on a collective journey into the edgy realms
of conscious and subconscious perception. Through potent acts of recollecting of our ancestors’ basic connectivity to nature, the invisible becomes conspicuous. Alp Magic is a fundamental fundament. Symbols become alive and connect the here with what lies beyond.

Alp Magic is a book with seven seals. Those who know how to open it without breaking the seals are the fortunate!

Roland Eberle, dipl. ing. agr. ETH



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