A  L  P   M  A  G  I  C




There is not much time for an intermission speech. The wholesome-human Ueli Dubs pushes onward - the tension between him and his objects shall remain intact in its entire spectrum. Has to. He allows us to become part of this exciting liberation, part of it to its fullest extent, with all potential consequences. The increased excitement is exhilarating and leads to new levels of awareness.

From where stems the artist’s way? And to where does it lead? Ueli Dubs has meandered through many a land. Economy-Land, for example. He drew an impressive furrow through the landscape. He is remembered in several of Zurich’s economic sites. But the excitement in this land subsided.

The shift to Entrepreneurship-Land was truly a jump onto new land and into and a spiritual fountain of youth. Accordingly, this shift has been exciting for all who follow its developments.

The question remains, whether Ueli Dubs’ foray into Culture-Land is just a side leap. The answer is still unclear, but is tending toward “no.” It’s an essential part of his life-journey. In a world of scurrility he builds tensions with things that initially appear to be contrasting.

End of the art intermission. The reconnaissance continues. You are invited to join, to further explore Culture-Land. The deep lines left as impressions in the cultural landscape need to be processed. This will require much time. 
Exciting it is, this time in this land.

Dr. Emil Egger