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Al Imfeld is the oldest son in a family of alpine farmers with 13 children. Customarily, he should have studied to becomea priest and a missionary. But during his childhood, his father taught him to “only believe half” of what he was taught - and Al kept to this to this day.
Although he then did become a priest, he was accused of heresy shortly thereafter, while pursuing a doctoral degree in Rome. Later he was expelled from the Gregorian University. He received his doctoral degree in the United States in Protestant theology. In the fifties he became increasingly interested in the emerging field of comparative religions. Because he considered theology too limited for understanding the present, he studied sociology, journalism and ultimately tropical agronomy.
Al Imfeld has authored close to fifty books on development policy and African culture. In 1990 he ventured into the field of literature. As a story teller he toured Namibia and Zimbabwe with the circus and theatre “federlos.” Poems, which he had written for many years, are prayers to him.
7 books of poems, 4 books of short stories and 3 story CDs are the fruits of this labor.
In 2005 he received the literary support award of the Canton of Zurich.

“In aller Welt zu Hause” (“At Home all over the World”) is a fascinating biography on Al Imfeld by Lotta Suter. 
It was published by Rotpunkt in 2005.



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